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The Basic Objectives of the Liberal Party:

The Liberal Party is a political movement emphasising liberal views, democracy and equal citizen’s rights.

The party supports the free market system and rejects centralisation and state rule wherever possible.

The party opposes all privileges and monopolies of any kind, but supports freedom and independence of the individual.

The Liberal Party considers it the most important task of Icelandic politics today to work toward the replacement of the existing fisheries policy with a new fisheries policy which has the following objectives:
-to guarantee the equal right of all citizens to the fishing industry
-to ensure that the profit from our marine resources benefits the entire nation
-to ensure fair competition - unfair practices must be prevented
-to promote research of the sea and its environment to enable better protection of fish stocks
-to prevent further waste of resources through the discard of fish which is a direct result of the current quota systemThe Liberal Party will reform the existing agricultural policy from centralisation to a more decentralised structure.

Private enterprise should be encouraged and a special effort made to market Icelandic agricultural products both nationally and world-wide.

The Liberal Party opposes the neo-libertarianism that the present government seems to favour.

The Liberal Party will help those who are left out or left behind by the existing authorities: the sick , the elderly and the disabled.

The Liberal Party rejects the existing health policy, which it considers unworthy of one of the richest countries in the world.

The Liberal Party will fight against sex discrimination and insists on equal opportunities and equal pay for women in the labour market.

The Liberal Party insists that the State Treasury must be run with a surplus and the accumulation of state debts must be stopped altogether. Taxes must be reduced and the tax system simplified and based on consumption rather than income and property. Income tax and net worth tax on individuals should be abolished.

The Liberal party believes that investing in higher education and technical education, by creating an excellent education system, is the key to a successful future society. A key issue is to improve teachers' wages and expand their opportunities for professional development.

The Liberal Party supports religious freedom and wants equal status for all religious groups. Thus, the party supports the separation of the national church from the state through the negotiation of an agreement acceptable to all parties.

The Liberal Party supports the co-operation of Iceland with other European countries on an equal footing. The party wants to examine what Iceland’s position could be in the area of European co-operation with special regard to our natural resources. If our interests regarding our territorial waters are ensured, we would like to start such co-operation as soon as possible.The Liberal Party wants to maintain and support the role of NATO.

The Liberal Party will work for better implementation of environmental policy assuring the protection of nature while making reasonable use of its resources, such as the power of our waterfalls and geothermal areas.

The Liberal Party will support all measures taken to combat drug abuse.


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